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Welcome to SMPG!

Whether you are looking for  individual or couple’s therapy, help for your child, your family, or to be part of a therapy group, SMPG offers a group of qualified, experienced and licensed therapists. Each SMPG therapist brings to the group practice a set of professional skills and personal style that will likely result in a good match with your particular needs. We all share a basic philosophy geared to provide a caring and safe environment in which to address your concerns.

Located in Santa Monica, SMPG serves the entire Westside, Beverly Hills, Mid-City Los Angeles, the Near Valley, and parts of the South Bay. SMPG has grown into an important provider of services to the community addressing a diverse population of all ages and issues that maybe important to you.

SMPG participates in most insurance panels making it easier for you to find help within your insurance plan. Feel free to explore our website with our many practitioners, issues we deal with, and coverage of our services.


At SMPG we are able to provide a full range of services, from individual psychotherapy to adults, adolescents, and  children, to relationship counseling and family therapy. In addition, we try to be sensitive to our clients' preferences regarding the therapist that would make them feel the most comfortable, but always mindful of what we believe could be the most effective match to your presenting issues.



Choosing the right therapist is not an easy task. You may find it difficult to even formulate the right questions in your mind to find the right match for you. We offer you here a list of specialties that reflect common issues for which people seek help; this may stimulate some thinking or give you the words for what you are looking for. At the Specialties page you can see a dynamic list of possible issues that may bring you to therapy. Click on an issue and you will see all the therapists specializing in it; under each therapist click on their list specialities and you will see all the therapists in the group that could also be a good match.



Therapy involves a financial commitment, be it in copays and deductibles if you are covered by insurance, or fees for services. We hope you see it as an investment in yourself, one that may have significant repercussions in your life and the lives of your loved ones. Although we have worked diligently to be able to accept all major HMO and PPO plans, each insurance coverage has its own benefits and limitations.